Ecstatic dance has existed for thousands of years in many cultures as an important ritual connecting the community and also nowadays it has become a very important safe space that creates an opportunity for us to connect to ourselves, free up energetic blocks, connect deeper to our heart, and expand our consciousness beyond the barriers of the mind. Dance yourself into ecstatic states of awareness, release old patters & paradigms and all conditioning that no longer serves you and come resting in the stillness of your authentic heart. Feeling the music, becoming the dance, moving without thinking, free from time and space, in this state, dance is one of the greatest healers. 

Zuzana is a founder of Ecstatic Dance Bratislava and organises regular Ecstatic Dance ceremonies in Bratislava and other parts of Slovakia. Every Ecstatic Dance event consists of a movement warm-up, 2 hr Ecstatic Dance professional DJ journey and a sound healing session. For information on upcoming events and workshops, check